Official brief information

Organiser: SbK Lipany
Supported by: Mesto Lipany
Komunitná nadácia Modrá Torysa
Venue: Komenského 16
082 71 LIPANY
Date: 15.09.2018
Competition: Singles & Doubles
Official Divisions: Female singles
Open singles (all genders, mixed)
Male singles: Seniors 40+
Male singles: Seniors 50+
Female singles: Seniors 40+
Female singles: Seniors 50+
Female singles: Juniors U18
Male singles: Juniors U18
Female singles: Juniors U14
Male singles: Juniors U14
Female singles: Juniors U12
Male singles: Juniors U12

Open doubles (all genders)
Female doubles: Juniors U18
Male doubles: Juniors U18

Beginners (Začiatočníci)
Participation requirements: 120
Additional information:
All adult division will be played if 8 participants have signed
in, juniors from 4 participants
  Participants   can   only   play   in   one   of   the   mentioned   single
divisions and in only one of the mentioned double divisions. The
player must be a member of an official ICO institution and must
be registered in the tournament system.
Speeders: 2016 Match- & Fun Speeder ®  from Speedminton ®
Surface: Indoor – max. 12 courts
Deadlines: 08.09.2018 ! ! !
Seeding deadline: 08.09.2018
No-Return Deadline: 05.09.2018
Fee: Fee for adults divisions: 20 Euro per Division
  Fee for U18 divisions: 10 Euro per Division
  10 Euro per pair for doubles (open and junior)
  The participation must be on the mentioned bank account in time
(see payment deadline).
Bank account holder: Speed badmintonovy klub Lipany
Bank: Fio banka, a.s.
IBAN: SK75 8330 0000 0022 0090 7597
Reason for payment:
LIPANY OPEN 2018, Full name of players (+ divisions!)
Sign in time: Date: 15.09.2018      Time: 09:00
Prizes: Max. points for the official ICO ranking: 250 points
(250 bodov do rankingu SAC)
Registration &
Registration on (via the Ophardt
system). Direct link to the tournament software: HE RE!
  Registration is completed only if the fee was transferred within
the payment period (payment deadline).
Competition regulations: Rules and standards of the ICO 2018 for Crossminton are
Rules can be downloaded on
Tournament officials: Vladimir Pjecha 
Head umpire: Marian Pjecha
Miscellaneous: The organisers and the ICO reserve the right to change these
regulations and the play mode, if necessary.
With the registration the participants accept the conditions of this
Additional information: Where to stay? HERE ! ! !
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